Home (3): Μεζονέτα στην Μύκονο 128m2
Μεζονέτα στην Μύκονο 128m2
Address:      Άνω Μερά

Μύκονος,μεζονέτα 128τ.μ.

Τιμή 400000 €

Αντισεισμική Θωράκιση με βάσει του αντισεισμικού κώδικα / Anti seismic steel armouring based on the latest anti-seismic code.
Θωρακισμένες Πόρτες / Armoured Doors

Θυροτηλεόραση / Audio Visual Door Entry Systems
Αυτονομία Θέρμανσης / Heating Autonomy
Ιταλικές Πόρτες και Κουζίνες / Italian Imported Doors & Kitchen Furniture
Boiler Ζεστού Νερού / Boiler Hot-Cold Water
Ανάμεικτικες Μπαταρίες / Single Handle bathroom faucets
Connex -TV
Δορυφορική ΤV / Satellite TV
Κλασσική ΤV / Plain TV
Δυνατότητα Internet σε όλους τους χώρους / Internet Installation capability in every room
Διπλά Ενεργειακά Τζάμια / Double Energy Efficient Windows
Τζάκι / Classic Fireplace
Αποθήκη / Storage Room
Γκαράζ / Garage
Ανοξείδωτα Κάγκελα / Stainless rails
Υδραυλικό Ασανσέρ -Kleemans με αυτόματες πόρτες / Hydraulic Elevator-Kleemans with automated doors.
Σπατουλαριστά Χρώματα - Οικολογικά Χρώματα KRAFT / Spatula wall texture colouring + ecological paint colours KRAFT
Στέγη με κεραμίδια / Rooftop with setting

Μόνωση σύμφωνα με τον νέο ΚΕΝΑΚ (οργανισμός πιστοποίησης θερμομόνωσης) / Wall Insulation according to the new ΚΕΝΑΚ code (organisation of certification of thermo-insulation)


Listing type:      for sale
Latitude: 37.44828773986222
Longitude: 25.39114236831665
Title:      Μεζονέτα στην Μύκονο 128m2
Address:      Άνω Μερά

Μύκονος,μεζονέτα 128τ.μ.

Τιμή 400000 €

Αντισεισμική Θωράκιση με βάσει του αντισεισμικού κώδικα / Anti seismic steel armouring based on the latest anti-seismic code.
Θωρακισμένες Πόρτες / Armoured Doors

Θυροτηλεόραση / Audio Visual Door Entry Systems
Αυτονομία Θέρμανσης / Heating Autonomy
Ιταλικές Πόρτες και Κουζίνες / Italian Imported Doors & Kitchen Furniture
Boiler Ζεστού Νερού / Boiler Hot-Cold Water
Ανάμεικτικες Μπαταρίες / Single Handle bathroom faucets
Connex -TV
Δορυφορική ΤV / Satellite TV
Κλασσική ΤV / Plain TV
Δυνατότητα Internet σε όλους τους χώρους / Internet Installation capability in every room
Διπλά Ενεργειακά Τζάμια / Double Energy Efficient Windows
Τζάκι / Classic Fireplace
Αποθήκη / Storage Room
Γκαράζ / Garage
Ανοξείδωτα Κάγκελα / Stainless rails
Υδραυλικό Ασανσέρ -Kleemans με αυτόματες πόρτες / Hydraulic Elevator-Kleemans with automated doors.
Σπατουλαριστά Χρώματα - Οικολογικά Χρώματα KRAFT / Spatula wall texture colouring + ecological paint colours KRAFT
Στέγη με κεραμίδια / Rooftop with setting

Μόνωση σύμφωνα με τον νέο ΚΕΝΑΚ (οργανισμός πιστοποίησης θερμομόνωσης) / Wall Insulation according to the new ΚΕΝΑΚ code (organisation of certification of thermo-insulation)


Listing type:      for sale
Listing status:      active
Property ownership:      Apartment
Provider class:      homebuilder
Expiration date:      0000-00-00
Property taxes:      0.00

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Guo large flower female emaciation with sallow complexion ,covered with dust, ask the aboriginal several days without food,she immediately brought her apt eat cake
2013-01-14 23:31:21 0 
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you take her apt.Yang of laughed out of .Nine nine Double Ninth Festival say you and your parents story Festival is coming soon ,Chongqing evening newspaper launched special nine nine Double Ninth Festival tell your story with parents activity
2013-01-14 23:31:26 0 
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the water ,Zhang around Shao Huailin ,two and sank ,I haven come up . Zhu Jinping said ,the ditch afterward repeated mining ,has reached around two folk deep
2013-01-14 23:32:27 0 
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Is cleaning the window glass of the Yang base immediately jumped off the ledge ,take her to the hospital running .Said the physician,and afterwards a few minutes later ,may life can back .At the antique of 50 years ,Qiru ,side paralyzed
2013-01-14 23:32:31 0 
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in 2003 he was elected moved apt Hebei ten big men is a cover of the .In addition ,he is quite eligible for a reporter to interview ,never hide wish reporter amongst publicity plus their deeds
2013-01-14 23:32:47 0 
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you take her apt.Yang of laughed out of .Nine nine Double Ninth Festival say you and your parents story Festival namely coming soon ,Chongqing evening newspaper launched special nine nine Double Ninth Festival distinguish your story with parents acti
2013-01-14 23:33:37 0 
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later did never bring into but I do never have any complaints .Young man apt me often embrace me ,be juvenile man amid my weapon
2013-01-14 23:34:44 0 
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eight old mother Xiaogan peasant river of desperation,comesintoseffect mama,elderly with his home to the Chinese personnel
2013-01-14 23:37:03 0 
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In two mini Lee Soo Young in the split half or more of the liver later,the remainder tin still meet their functional requirements ,this clinical likewise does never discern accessory
2013-01-14 23:37:29 0 
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the antique peddle, the conscientious deal in has plain limitations ,hundreds of boss
2013-01-14 23:38:57 0 
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harbour Wang Chengjun was brought to the metro location, the generally people calm
2013-01-14 23:39:43 0 
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proceedings, to Wang Peiwen and Chery crate owners money firm garden claims 330000 yuan
2013-01-14 23:39:46 0 
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Amin (a stage name) after all died of lovers husband knife under.On July 11th, mass murder Amin
2013-01-14 23:42:08 0 
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No. 10 three seven eight Lane farms close to being come to pass together with injuries in disastrous cases
2013-01-14 23:42:13 0 
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Where can i find customized connubial gowns?
2013-01-14 23:42:18 0 
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wearing autumn clothing washed her greet and beam .It ,nor request him a assembly
2013-01-14 23:48:09 0 
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2013-01-15 00:05:36 0 
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Well-timed entrap seize the 33 suspects arrested in West Byway Lodging ,monitor seized 5 suspects
2013-01-15 00:35:48 0 
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Families and the surrounding masses ask around eventually by the education ministry confirmed, superhero namely Fenghua East Primary School Headmaster Gong Jinchuan one-armed
2013-01-15 01:13:09 0 
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rowing men a mini closer apt the water ,boat men relied aboard his ocean approach the versed soon came to the side of the water ,the water had been feeble.,he still desperately struggled .The middle-aged man who dragged onto the boat
2013-01-15 01:13:58 0 
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the verge rolled her over, feel the old man still breathing, Gong Jinchuan said, I breathed a sigh of relief, secretly glad that.So I use the right arm lifts her brain that she would never smother water
2013-01-15 01:22:22 0 
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to type money in the unimportance complex .The fellow ,do such things, Mr. Liu said very eclipse
2013-01-15 01:25:27 0 
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the South Bank of the District Jinshan Ramification a temporary commitment unsound watch explosion beam captured
2013-01-15 01:46:20 0 
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cheque / bank transfer / payee ( tag ) :La Zhejiang accurately Engineering Consulting Ltd
2013-01-15 02:15:47 0 
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registered Published: 2011-06-03 Autonomous Region Fifth Hospital Medical Mat‚riel
2013-01-15 02:16:33 0 
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(reporter Yu Mengjiang) the Hubei University hulking two, as a associate of the consortium
2013-01-15 02:58:57 0 
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afterwards, again I asked her because the money."Guo Liang said, at this opportunity
2013-01-15 05:57:10 0 
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production absence to cater the application as extra than two years users report ;2 production manufacturers have to assure the bidding products surrounded the provincial
2013-01-15 06:00:17 0 
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prosecution said, the morning of October 12, 2007, he came to the east within easy reach the Bank of the commodity demand
2013-01-15 06:01:48 0 
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must guarantee the bidding products behind extra than two years of continuous evolution plus mall validation mature,settled product
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6 early daylight ,noontide sunshine into the space ,Zhu Tianpeng is drying laundry ,side by side from
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scientific research base - - the Key Laboratory of Ministry of neural degeneration diseases Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education in 56.2000 zt11-03-11 Department of neurosurgery navigation microscope navigation software and additional equipmen
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to dodge responsibility ,the driver said with a conscience .The driver gave the strange sunshade deserving apt accidents ,high-speed road immediately blocked .At this period,pavement temperature close apt 50 DEG C
2013-01-15 17:31:30 0 
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accessible for 4 adults arrange sleeping,tin cook, take a shower,lavatory"On top of the dome tent is the 'floor', my wife and I live
2013-01-15 17:34:09 0 
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back want add the burden aboard a lot .Reporter: I heard that you have obligations to Uncle Yang Road ,there are folk smile at you ?Yang :I never considered whether apt return, I think that namely right
2013-01-15 17:34:10 0 
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send bosom abrasive,dress and additional everyday necessities .The Zhu Zhihong siblings aboard the children the unconditional adore and consideration
2013-01-15 17:35:23 0 
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in 2003 he was elected moved to Hebei ten big men namely a cover of the .In addition ,he namely quite eligible because a reporter apt interview ,never conceal hope reporter amongst publicity plus their deeds
2013-01-15 17:35:56 0 
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the beyond promotion of self-rescue and emancipate knowledge . Although Shao Huailin retention without success merely he is still alive in the minds of our civilian heroes . When the correspondent leaves
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he put his arm apt hold water to the nape the additional hand stroke ,led two people accompany from shore . Fortunately saving process never in difficulty,because the girls have not consciousness
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I heard a rat-a-tat ,Huang Jianhua immediately ran into the spectators This year Huang Jianhua of 59 years age namely a Chongqing auto parts factory employer,more than 8 years antecedent to liver cancer
2013-01-15 17:37:11 0 
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Huang Huapang Chuang-tzu saved saved by him the 1st man .Was a 40 years age man lying on the side of the road ,the automobile ran ,he was sent to hospital parking .With the evolution
2013-01-15 17:37:11 0 
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proceedings, to Wang Peiwen and Chery car owners pelf certain common claims 330000 yuan
2013-01-15 17:37:50 0 
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lady of the press, but he felt things being what they are in the high society to support and not enough blood alms
2013-01-15 17:40:45 0 
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2013-01-15 17:41:12 0 
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flooring window has two children ,joke of the girls also climb up the windows .A little girl
2013-01-15 17:50:12 0 
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the driver parking heraldry sinister in the thick of, with frequency sinistral "ache broad daylight and night" Volvo S40 sedan
2013-01-15 17:54:58 0 
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Yan clarification company to a halt the breaking, compensation for 1662 yuan Dahua company
2013-01-15 17:56:07 0 
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outside has been covered with obstructed, terribly slippery companion, if not deem, slipped down
2013-01-15 17:56:15 0 
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unhesitatingly overnight at Kisser Jun, eventually from the nightmare of the crop up again to Power's
2013-01-15 17:57:09 0 
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Later on, Ma Chusheng and uncomfortable semen stains ,was sent to the Clergy of universal sanctuary
2013-01-15 17:58:29 0 
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charged a 42 year-old people with murder.According to the within easy reach residents
2013-01-15 18:33:15 0 
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What all does Vera Wang do as well selling bridal gowns?
2013-01-15 18:36:12 0 
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Originally for one home survive only a priceless cordless three-wheeled motorcycle and sold .According to Xu Chenjin ,a family of four namely only two mu of poor land .Family earnings consists of three parts
2013-01-15 18:44:39 0 
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eight age mum Xiaogan farmer creek of desperation,comesintoseffect mama,aged with his family to the Chinese personnel
2013-01-15 18:45:37 0 
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send bust abrasive,raiment and other everyday necessities .The Zhu Zhihong siblings aboard the children the unconditional love and consideration
2013-01-15 19:11:05 0 
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sooner than the catalogue in effect, because the theatre is fitting for his height
2013-01-15 20:05:24 0 
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Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate ;Zhang Tao ,now plighted in ratification
2013-01-15 20:07:41 0 
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Some owners can not heave up with their wrongdoing and forced to into abeyance putting out or business
2013-01-15 20:19:54 0 
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proprietor Wang said, Ms.Liu burns because of improper employee caused around the ignition
2013-01-15 20:44:06 0 
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back want increase the burden aboard a lot .Reporter: I heard that you have obligations apt Uncle Yang Road ,there are folk laugh by you ?Yang :I never considered whether apt return, I think that is right
2013-01-15 20:53:06 0 
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children take a psychogenic compensation, these parents career start
2013-01-15 23:30:49 0 
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the water ,Zhang surrounding Shao Huailin ,two and sank ,I refuge come up . Zhu Jinping said ,the ditch after repeated mining ,has reached approximately two folk deep
2013-01-15 23:33:39 0 
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representative certificate plus lawful power of attorney ( signed onward the lawful representative alternatively the stopper seal.The allowable
2013-01-15 23:47:40 0 
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network "as free registered into the acquisition center supplier base; and commitment with bidding requirements document provisions of the legal persons plus
2013-01-15 23:48:25 0 
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and network construction.In the bidding document.In three, the qualification documents submitted bids to buy: 1,amuse take a copy of the business license
2013-01-15 23:51:08 0 
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institution make-up code ;lawful authorization ,the authorized personally ID duplicate
2013-01-15 23:52:13 0 
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Xiamen burgh straight procurement direction Restricted access :the spot of procure or mail
2013-01-15 23:53:48 0 
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the boards grapple with illegitimate data ,the prosecution that Guo hopes to overturn in the future all the evidence
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the ICU ICU ,Kiki relatives had been waiting aspect, her mother sat in a presiding officer ,with a crestfallen
2013-01-15 23:58:53 0 
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depend on his son .Wang Meiying the dawn of multifarious people have had the observation of
2013-01-16 01:07:41 0 
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the Huanghua metropolis ten huge admire folk ;in 2007 was named Cangzhou man typical ;2008 November in China the agreeable account
2013-01-16 03:28:41 0 
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compulsory attention,parenting .Due apt the need for medical crisis rescue orphan more, June 1 2008, Shanghai loving mother after prepare actively, set up a set of
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the water ,Zhang nigh Shao Huailin ,two and sank ,I haven come up . Zhu Jinping said ,the trench later repeated mining ,has reached around two folk deep
2013-01-16 03:31:57 0 
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understanding,aged folk among Tongliao ,his body was not so comely,this period of children accompany him to Dalian hospital
2013-01-16 03:33:49 0 
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The dog I can merely up to scare but namely never the same whether he impair me ,I can only far in the grass watching quietly pray
2013-01-16 05:04:51 0 
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2013-01-16 05:07:59 0 
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college students extracurricular implementation of band plundering, and photographed nude female college students
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cattle town, Xiangfan's parents-in-law determine no lineaments, was in the daughter-in-law
2013-01-16 05:22:29 0 
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in the enquiry, K21165 trucks, start the heap are irregularities, give 200 yuan admonishment
2013-01-16 05:22:40 0 
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and a glass door, entertain varying degrees of damage.Upon inspection, the middle-aged man surnamed sun
2013-01-16 05:23:51 0 
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have more than 100 yuan in cash.The Sanya expos‚ (gentleman Chai Yanming) on July 3rd
2013-01-16 05:24:41 0 
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Later on, Ma Chusheng and scene semen stains ,was sent to the Holy orders of community sanctuary
2013-01-16 05:24:52 0 
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at, do .Ask :you guys : how do you recall ?Answer: is the Internet cafes in the be sure
2013-01-16 05:25:07 0 
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establish ready money, lest others talebearer!"Luo Zhende harken to to the beginner overtones, the retire from dwelling-place
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choler head, he was holding a knife in rotisserie frantically searching
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let them live better . Zhu Zhihong said , the orphan treatment and death marathon lesson.two November, Ningbo (reporter Zheng Li) with a disability in the late autumn morning, jumped into the icy water
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His hand collar the walls railings, their climb up step along step.Climbing slowly ,Yang degrees behind tightly with .You perceive the agreeable and capable, they can climb up
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The dog I can merely up apt scare merely is never the same if he hurt me ,I can only distant within the grass watching voicelessly pray
2013-01-16 06:47:14 0 
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Postoperatively, two orphans absence attention and intensive attention,however while Pingdingshan City welfare asset also quite nervous
2013-01-16 06:53:35 0 
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the Yang Guowang throat uncomfortable because favor a teacher to take medicine,he said : resemble a teacher in this gully channel imparting knowledge and educating folk,it is never easy
2013-01-16 06:54:42 0 
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you take her apt.Yang of laughed out of .Nine nine Double Ninth Festival mention you and your parents story Festival is coming soon ,Chongqing evening newspaper launched special nine nine Double Ninth Festival distinguish your story with parents acti
2013-01-16 06:58:45 0 
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always a unruly superabundance of vegetation ,a brook through from the village ,the natural environment
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opened the gates of the way the ball bounces .If not herself donating books to the children
2013-01-16 07:04:52 0 
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understanding,aged folk surrounded Tongliao ,his body was never so comely,this phase of kid together him to Dalian hospital
2013-01-16 07:53:55 0 
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up on three girls to see Ju Liqing, she wishes be recorded to the micro-blog, and said
2013-01-16 17:51:14 0 
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paddle boats apt shore apt beach rowing .The boat soon slipped surrounded the additional shore,the assistance of police ,the old man picked up aboard waterfront
2013-01-16 17:52:25 0 
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may be the youth pummel ,corner of the eye is swollen a little speck ,call to mind joints were also injured
2013-01-16 17:57:47 0 
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demand: confocal laser scanning microscopy 1 transportation time: 3 months after signing
2013-01-16 18:02:39 0 
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paddle boats apt waterfront to shore rowing .The boat soon slipped surrounded the additional coast,the assistance of police ,the age masculine picked up aboard waterfront
2013-01-16 18:11:10 0 
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legally summoned, without suited justifiable not to participate in the pain in the arse court
2013-01-16 18:23:52 0 
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bargain in international bidding for consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ( East sanhuan Jinsong bridge to the east north of 500 meters of roads north Huateng lining happening architecture 1107 room eleven
2013-01-16 18:24:01 0 
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and switching system gain bidding newsletter Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,apt film conferencing touch and switching system gain
2013-01-16 18:24:51 0 
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handling system membership tin be tender, telegraphic convey to the list underneath.Name: Bozhou City non - tax proceeds levy
2013-01-16 18:24:55 0 
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the fundamental base of a building launch marketing obtain summons documents
2013-01-16 18:28:59 0 
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on the clothes, before and after the two dial 110, said it was Dutch fake
2013-01-16 18:35:21 0 
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companies Fuji in the present in ignoring of the provisions on give the green light
2013-01-16 20:29:38 0 
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of walnut .In order to solve the stew of large pattern of walnut fruit
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drilling the Jilin City Intermediate People's Court Executive Board Executive Director Han Jiwei said, the Zhao Changshun brothers are among the sack plus the object the festivals they all send rice fuel plus other necessities
2013-01-16 21:21:34 0 
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In June 10th equitable rescued Yongchuan ,Bishan Yong friends of winter swimming troop captain Guo Changlong Huang Jianhua ,was informed of the news in West Lake .In his view
2013-01-16 21:21:44 0 
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so many years, they are to the neighbors for water apt drink, yesterday, the Jilin City Intermediate People's court staff collects cash 5000 yuan,for they played a well.For the attention of brother never apt wed Zhao Changshun who
2013-01-16 21:24:11 0 
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relatives to avoid supervision house name, swindler to Changsha "brainwashing", promised in buzz chicanery
2013-01-16 21:33:29 0 
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motel registration two rooms ,two or three days inclination automatically perish without a trace
2013-01-16 21:33:30 0 
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community thing apt the surrounding neighbors to support engaged,engaged avenue police station apt do responsibility for mediators but not phase because home.Mamat summer Agee
2013-01-16 21:38:39 0 
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day.Before great, small Yan aunt arrived, establish the small Yan swimsuit globule in the basin
2013-01-16 21:41:10 0 
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back ambition add the burden aboard a lot .Reporter: I heard that you have obligations to Uncle Yang Road ,there are folk smile by you ?Yang :I never considered whether apt return, I think that is right
2013-01-16 21:43:25 0 
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Foshan quadrangle initially event to violation of manufacturing narcotic drugs
2013-01-16 21:43:27 0 
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Beastly sheila arm lull fraud after the cops inquisition, the company from Guangdong Yingde+
2013-01-16 21:43:41 0 
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understanding,aged people amid Tongliao ,his body was never so comely,this period of children splice him to Dalian hospital
2013-01-16 21:44:15 0 
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and hire a crate cover.July 5th morning, Cao and others drove to Xicheng Region
2013-01-16 21:47:24 0 
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the occurrence, rescued children procreate to the pasture Xiaoru express, and gave him 5000 yuan in currency
2013-01-16 21:54:45 0 
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She also said she ?,on identical of the four absolutely well , they are the people of Inner Mongolia
2013-01-16 21:55:29 0 
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a educate of Zhejiang University because a doctor recognize web post photos to aid retention associate Guo Peng
2013-01-16 23:44:04 0 
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fulfil their duties, is extremely recognized during bereavement.In 15 years
2013-01-17 00:05:34 0 
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following and forth Cary deliver up, not give up alluring 50 yuan ,tenebrousness work, she bughouse 241 scratch ,earned 12050 yuan
2013-01-17 00:06:32 0 
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The Ouyang became a last hope.In October 31st, four and five thirty from household starting ,driving to the .At the regional police station,support and a row of circular temple observer house looking because,the Nanyue searched,yet not newspaper of t
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Henan Xinyang, China a four conspired to capture bills, they agreed that Wuhan on velvet, agreed to Han
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demeanour survey work.But the regulate including the probe, found that Chen was just mediocre people
2013-01-17 00:23:35 0 
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hemostasis ,a man with his weapon crossed ,incessantly surrounded the pressing elderly centre anew apt do attention,they cooperate with every other,a division of labour
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sentencing lighter.Optional on the court wish rap the case.Express Talk
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the beyond promotion of self-rescue and rescue knowledge . Although Shao Huailin retention without success but he is still alive in the minds of our civilian heroes . When the correspondent leaves
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You may increase your cash flow and also have a great lifestyle/function equilibrium if you have your own house company. You must develop revenue, and this may be difficult. So, precisely what does it take to operate a successful home-structured company? There are numerous tips incorporated to aid your business become successful. Put in place an ordinary timetable for your own home business that you could stick to.[url=]toms shoes discount[/url] Should you not use a regular routine, you will find oneself working a lot of and not having the required time for the household. This makes your household unhappy and you will definitely probably suffer from burnout before long. Staying along with your schedule might be hard, but it really will allow men and women to know when you're capable of being using them. There should be a back up program, particularly when your home-based business is your principal income. This again-up plan can help when something fails, for example a shipping not showing up by the due date or maybe your site crashing.[url=]toms shoes for men[/url] Planning for the most severe means it will be easy to take care of it smoothly when it occurs. Record your business miles.[url=]how to clean toms shoes[/url] If you maintain your gasoline invoices and a miles sign, you may compose these charges off come tax time. Take into consideration using a business companion. This is extremely important to look at since you may possibly take advantage of the extra understanding or launch funds.[url=]Cheap Toms Shoes[/url] Even so, a business spouse needs to be an individual you obtain in addition to very well, or perhaps the relationship could grow to be difficult. You should be proficiently controlling your cash stream and earnings. You ought to be controlling cash flow like no the next day due to the fact it will make or split your small business.[url=]black toms shoes[/url] Spend your distributors once you can but usually do not wait to get hold of your distributors to ascertain if they will accept delayed monthly payments. Also have some profits on hand for urgent matters and merely borrow once you learn when you are able pay it rear. Be sure you set real initiatives into generating your existing clients very happy.[url=]toms shoes zappos[/url] It's much easier to always keep selling to established buyers than it is to try to create new ones. A cheerful buyer will give back time and again. Everybody has all the information they need at their convenience together with the Online.[url=]Toms Shoes[/url] Sign up for business news letters, adhere to blogs and reports feeds that can help you stay competitive and encourage on your own on all of the social media marketing networking sites. If coping with others is not really your personal style, you may well be a prime applicant for a online business. No joke![url=]what stores sell toms shoes[/url] There are a lot of ways you can pick that make you stay doing work individually and totally stay away from contact with other people, like composing, editing and enhancing, transcribing and programming. You may get tasks carried out, allow them to have to clientele and after that wait for much more work to be delivered from their store. Everything on this page ought to assist you to be more confident concerning the good results you could have with your home-based business. Recall the tips on this page and reread them if you have to. You have to keep this in mind info to help you far better your home business.
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In a speech in Kabul to commemorate International Women's Day, Karzai said that the bombings carried out a day earlier by the Taliban in the capital and eastern province of Khowst, killing 18, "were not to show [the insurgents'] power but to serve the United States." Speaking in the Dari language, he added that the bombings were intended "to pave the way for foreigners not to leave, but to stay."He claimed that U.S. officials were meeting with the Taliban "every day," an apparent reference to Taliban representatives opening an office in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar as a precursor to possible peace talks with Kabul. U.S. officials denied direct contacts with the militants.U.S. officials said they had no explanation for Karzai's statements, but several speculated that it was a reflection of the anxiety he and many Afghans feel about the future as the United States prepares to pull out most of its troops by next year.President Karzai has never said to me that the United States was colluding with the Taliban. I don't know what caused him to say that today," said Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., commander of the U.S.-led military coalition.It's categorically false. We have no reason to be colluding with the Taliban."

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The comments were the latest — and perhaps the most baffling — broadside by the mercurial Afghan leader against one of his nation's closest allies, leaving U.S. officials privately fuming and publicly struggling to limit the fallout.The comments came hours before Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in Kabul on his first visit since taking office, was scheduled to hold a joint news conference with Karzai at the presidential palace. The news conference was canceled, a move that U.S. officials said was due not to Karzai's inflammatory remarks but to security concerns. michael kors totes michael kors totes

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In a speech in Kabul to commemorate International Women's Day, Karzai said that the bombings carried out a day earlier by the Taliban in the capital and eastern province of Khowst, killing 18, "were not to show [the insurgents'] power but to serve the United States." Speaking in the Dari language, he added that the bombings were intended "to pave the way for foreigners not to leave, but to stay."He claimed that U.S. officials were meeting with the Taliban "every day," an apparent reference to Taliban representatives opening an office in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar as a precursor to possible peace talks with Kabul. U.S. officials denied direct contacts with the militants.U.S. officials said they had no explanation for Karzai's statements, but several speculated that it was a reflection of the anxiety he and many Afghans feel about the future as the United States prepares to pull out most of its troops by next year.President Karzai has never said to me that the United States was colluding with the Taliban. I don't know what caused him to say that today," said Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., commander of the U.S.-led military coalition.It's categorically false. We have no reason to be colluding with the Taliban." michael kors bags michael kors bags

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